90 Genes in Fat May Contribute to Dangerous DiseasesResearchers from the University of Virginia; the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; the University of California, Los Angeles; Bristol-Myers Squibb; the University of Eastern Finland; the University of Michigan, Ann medresearch
We all have to borrow money at some point. Whether it's a car loan, student loan, or anything else, keep track of your finances with SALT's Know What You Owe tool. Sign up for free! AAMC Pre-Med
Can Tech Speed Up Emergency Room Care?
A New York hospital system tests a new way to use telemedicine, where E.R. doctors examine patients without being in the same room.
The emergency-room doctor needed to take a closer look at the stitches above Gilbert Winter’s eye.
Association of American Medical Colleges
Academic Medicine Podcast by Academic Medicine on iTunes
“This episode made me reflect on the challenge of remaining professional, especially in extreme situations...We all have human reactions and trying to eliminate these altogether, I believe, would harm our clinical practice.”

Medical student Ben Chin-Yee reads his essay, “Learning
Association of American Medical Colleges
Scientists Reveal Non-addictive Pathway to Pain ReliefResearchers from the Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU)  have found a possible pathway to develop treatments for chronic pain that harness the medicinal properties of cannabis while minimizing the threat of addiction.Using a medresearch
Making the Most of Your Gap Year
What you need to know if you're considering a gap year before medical school.
A "gap year" is the period of time between the end of your undergraduate education and the start of medical school. In fact, a gap year
AAMC Pre-Med

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Angelica Carrillo
New Study Finds That Most Cancer Mutations are Due to Random DNA Copying “Mistakes”Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center scientists report data from a new study providing evidence that random, unpredictable DNA copying “mistakes” account for nearly two-thirds of the mutations medresearch
Recruiting: Proven Search and Hiring Practices for the Best Talent...
Our newest publication is designed to help you fill your most critical role – the department chair. Recruiting: Proven Search and Hiring Practices for the Best Talent is part of the AAMC Successful Department Chair Series, and is focused on Association of American Medical Colleges
The Real Threat to National Security: Deadly Disease
"President Trump’s budget would cut funding for the National Institutes of Health by 18 percent... Those cuts will not protect American citizens. They will diminish research and vaccine development and our ability to respond to the growing threats of antibiotic Comments Marisa Jo Reynolds Emily Sechrist dis u Association of American Medical Colleges
» Cultural Competence in HealthcareAspiring Docs Diaries |
"I want to be aware of different traditions and customs, and provide culturally competent care, so we can be one step closer to ensuring that all Americans have positive health outcomes, no matter the race, gender, or socioeconomic status."
AAMC Pre-Med
Cultural Competence in Healthcare | Aspiring Docs Diaries
"Being a culturally competent doctor whose patients are comfortable approaching me at any time with any questions is very important to me. I want to be aware of different traditions and customs, and provide culturally competent care, so we can Comments Lindsey Goodnight Angela Soto Association of American Medical Colleges
Drug Combination Delivered by Nanoparticles May Help in Melanoma Treatment Researchers at the Penn State College of Medicine have determined that the first of a new class of medication that delivers a combination of drugs by nanoparticle may keep melanoma from medresearch
This Rhodes Scholar made the NFL. He’s about to achieve his other dream:...
Myron Rolle had been interested in the brain since he was a child. So when his football career was finished, he knew the branch of medicine on which he wanted to focus. As the football world asks more and more Comments Jennifer Hwe this is cool, never stop at one dreamLakisha Barnett He's amazing! Smart man!Malkan Maki Pilipovic Too bad the NFL will do anything to hide or minimize the risks associated with football AAMC Pre-Med
Brain-Aging Gene Discovered Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) researchers have discovered a common genetic variant that greatly impacts normal brain aging, starting at around age 65, and may modify the risk for neurodegenerative diseases. The findings could point toward a novel medresearch
The Ingredients of Appetite Researchers at Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center have cataloged more than 20,000 brain cells in one region of the mouse hypothalamus.The study, published in Nature Neuroscience, revealed some 50 distinct cell types, including medresearch
Genetic Assessment Developed to Determine Risk for Age-Associated Alzheimer’s Disease                                         An international team of scientists, led by researchers at University of medresearch
Mystery of Memory Cells Answered Through Mouse Study

Researchers at the University of Missouri School of Medicine have identified a

molecular mechanism that operates in memory T cells, ones that remember a pathogen after successfully fighting off an infection to
Light Scattering Spectroscopy Helps Doctors

Researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) have developed a new tool that allows physicians to distinguish between harmless pancreatic cysts and those that could be pancreatic cancer, allowing for earlier diagnosis of pancreatic
Sickle Cell Gene Linked to Elevated Risk of Kidney Failure in StudyAccording to new research from

the University of Alabama at Birmingham REasons for Geographic and Racial Differences in Stroke (REGARDS) cohort, a person born with sickle cell trait, does not
Biophysics Researchers ID New Protective Mechanism in Parkinson’s Mouse ModelResearchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin have described the neuroprotective role of a novel and relatively non-toxic mitochondria-targeted compound (known as mito-apocynin or Mito-Apo) in a genetic mouse model of medresearch
Researchers Aim to Harness Immune System to Control Disease

Researchers at UCLA Health have discovered that after the initial “hug,” given by T cells to an antigen it recognizes, T cells become more gregarious, giving something more like a bear hug to
Stem Cells Step Forward, Flag Potential Drug for Blood DiseaseResearchers at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital were able, for the first time, to use patients’ own cells to create cells similar to those in bone marrow and then medresearch
Infant MRIs Show Autism Linked to Increased Cerebrospinal FluidLeading a national research network, researchers from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine found that many toddlers diagnosed with autism at two years of age had a substantially greater amount of medresearch
New Blood Test Could Help Detect and Locate Cancer Early OnA team from the University of California San Diego (UCSD) Jacobs School of Engineering and UCSD School of Medicine have developed a new blood test that could detect cancer and locate medresearch
Silk Stabilizes Blood Samples for Months at High Temperatures

Researchers from the Tufts University School of Engineering and School of Medicine have stabilized blood samples for long periods of time without refrigeration and at high temperatures by encapsulating them in
Researchers Discover New Combination Brain, Blood Cancer Therapy Strategy Researchers at the University of Cincinnati (UC) College of Medicine have discovered a new potential strategy to personalize therapy for brain and blood cancers.“We found a new combination of therapeutics that could treat medresearch
New Tool for Combatting Mosquito-borne Disease: Insect Parasite GenesResearchers at Vanderbilt University, along with partners at Yale University, are examining the potential use of Wolbachia, a parasite that only infects bugs, to combat mosquito-borne disease. They have identified the specific genes medresearch
Molecule Stops Fatal Pediatric Brain TumorNorthwestern Medicine scientists have found a molecule that stops the growth of an aggressive pediatric brain tumor,

diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG). “This tumor kills every single kid who gets DIPG within one year. No one
Study Reveals Ways to Improve Outcomes, Reduce Costs for Common Heart Procedure Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have found methods to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs associated with coronary angioplasty by having cardiologists perform more of these medresearch

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