The AAMC is offering a one-day workshop, Every Day Bias Workshop, and a four-day course, Unconscious Bias Train-the-Trainer Program, to help diversity leaders in academic medicine and other professionals in health care and research mitigate unconscious bias and promote respect
Scientists Identify Gene Mutations in Smoking-related Cancers

Researchers at

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center  have made inroads into determining why African-Americans typically have worse outcomes from smoking-related cancers than Caucasians.The scientists found that African-American patients had an increased mutation rate
Too often, homeless people receive medical treatment only after an emergency. Hospitals and medical schools are trying to change that.
Transcripts can take 5-7 days to be delivered to AMCAS and up to 10 days for transcripts to be marked as "Received".
We've launched a massive social media #RallyMedRes Thunderclap campaign to urge Congress keep medical research as a national priority. Sign up through #Thunderclap using Facebook, Twitter and/or Tumblr at any time between today and September 13 to join thousands of
Study Examines Altered Gene Expression in Heart FailureIn a new study, University of Iowa Health Care researchers report on the role of a protein—part of a large group of transcription co-factors, proteins that are key to the regulation and expression medresearch
After 50 surgeries, hundreds of hours of physical therapy, and numerous months as a hospital in-patient, now he's a med student at Harvard Medical School.
It’s National Relaxation Day! If someone you know is a student who could use a breather, tag them to know you’re thinking of them!
Seven years before Greg Galeazzi put on a white coat at Harvard Medical School, he wore Army fatigues while serving a year-long deployment in Afghanistan.
It’s National Relaxation Day! If someone you know is a doctor or student who could use a breather, tag them to know you’re thinking of them!
“As I now reflect, the word stupid indicates I had a strong emotional response too. I was feeling intolerant toward the residents. I was frustrated and irritated with them because I wanted to go home and because they were unable
Investigators Use Light to Kill Microbial ‘Vampires’Researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center have found that 

an enzyme-activating small molecule they developed, when combined with “photodynamic therapy,” can kill bacteria, such as MRSA, in mouse models of skin and soft tissue
Just starting med school? Congrats on earning your white coats! Join your peers and follow the AAMC Med Student page for the latest news, updates, and info on AAMC services.
"More and more, the medical community is realizing that we need doctors from all walks of life, every nationality, religion, sexuality, and socio-economic status." - Mary Barber, #premed
"The disadvantages I may have endured make my experiences now even more cherished, celebrated, and rewarding."
Of Mice and Cheeseburgers: Experimental Drug Reverses Obesity-Related Liver Disease

A drug developed at the University of Rochester Medical Center protected mice from one of the many ills of our cheeseburger and milkshake-laden Western diet – non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.In
A mentor is someone who can listen, relate, & support you on your path to med school. Here are 5 tips for finding and working with a mentor.
Researchers Identify Biomarkers Associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome SeverityResearchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine report that 17 cytokines, the proteins that signal immune system action, are linked to chronic fatigue syndrome. The severity of the disease is tied to medresearch
Planning out your study schedule is a good way to keep you organized and on track when preparing for the MCAT exam. To help you get started, we've developed a 5-step guide to create your own study plan.
Imaging Biomarker for Parkinson’s Could Aid in Testing Drugs to Slow Disease’s Progression

Researchers at University of Florida Health (UF Health) have discovered an imaging biomarker that could be used to track changes in the brain associated with the progression
The Human Dx leaders and the physicians helping to validate the platform's usefulness seem to agree that AI alone will not take over medical care in the near future. Instead, Human Dx seeks to harness both machine learning and the
FACT: Primary care AND specialty care are both affected by the doctor shortage — and we need to act now to stop it >>
FACT: Primary care AND specialty care are both affected by the doctor shortage — and we need to act now to stop it >>
Glial Cells Botch Wiring in Childhood Schizophrenia

Researchers from the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) transplanted human brain cells generated from individuals diagnosed with childhood-onset schizophrenia into mice and have identified the culprit behind the wiring problems in the
This week in news from AAMC members: physicians and scientists are developing new treatment for patients with heart valve disease; academic medicine partners with the U.S. Army Reserve and Navy to provide care in colonias in Texas; a resident shares
"I feel that I’m a human being there. I’m not a freak, and that’s huge …. " Authors highlight interview excerpts on a transgender older adult’s experience with a family medicine clinic.
"My hope is that I may succeed in a harmonious balance of empathy and skeptical curiosity because that is what I believe breeds a great physician."
In Witnessing the Brain’s ‘Aha!’ Moment, Scientists Shed Light on Biology of Human Consciousness

Researchers at Columbia University’s Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute have identified the brain’s ‘aha!’ moment, when you realize information all of a sudden.A study, led by Michael
Researchers Developing New Tool to Fight Antibiotic ResistanceResearchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center are developing a tool to help physicians prescribe antibiotics to patients who really need them, and avoid giving them to individuals who don’t.Scientists from the medresearch
Study Uncovers Potential ‘Silver Bullet’ for Preventing and Treating Colon CancerResearchers at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Massey Cancer Center have, in preclinical experiments, identified a new way in which colon cancer develops, as well as a potential “silver bullet” for medresearch

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