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Come ask us your questions 4-7pm today at the George Washington Health Professions fair in the Charles E. Smith Center!
A ​great ​opportunity ​to ​talk ​to ​prospective ​applicants, ​this ​event ​is ​open ​to ​all ​local ​university ​and ​college ​students ​and
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ACTION ALERT: If you care about diversity in medicine, we need your help. Comments Russel DCunha It is a no-brainer that almost all-- if not all-- minorities care about diversity in medicine. Truth be told though, AAMC Pre-Med
Researchers Identify a New HIV Reservoir

HIV cure research to date has focused on clearing the virus from T cells, a type of white blood cell that is an essential part of the immune system. Yet investigators in the Division
Reading as a Pre-Med | Aspiring Docs Diaries
"I’m convinced that reading is something that got me through undergrad more peacefully. I found it to be tremendously entertaining, often measurably reducing my stress, and it even helped with my concentration."
I recently visited the medical school I’ll be
AAMC Pre-Med
Reading as a Pre-Med | Aspiring Docs Diaries
"I eventually realized that reading books of my choice for fun had a further twofold consequence: It helped reduce my stress and helped me sharpen my concentration... Choose your book, escape in it and perhaps it will help you persevere Comments Chris Orlando At some point as an undergrad I had the horrible realization that many experience - I hadn't read a book Gigi NY I still read books for fun even though it's been decades since finishing residency!
Pamela Quecano Paula Quecano
Association of American Medical Colleges
Making Primary Care Trans-Friendly
Several medical schools are dedicating instruction time to helping students understand the health disparities the LGBT community faces. Read more via AAMCNews at, and check out The Atlantic article below.
The medical knowledge needed to treat transgender people is
Comments Israel Martinez Pepe Orozco does your school incorporate this?Israel Martinez Robert Corvera for your research classJonah Stavsky Benji Wajsberg Association of American Medical Colleges
Further Reflection on the Original Identity Program: (Un)usual...
"I hope more academic medical institutions try something novel by reaching out to museums and other cultural organizations in their communities."

A museum curator reflects on the unusual collaboration that resulted in the Original Identity Program:
Entrance of the Cleveland
Association of American Medical Colleges
AAMC Med Student
How far can you stretch a chicken? Students at University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville learn about managing their finances through cooking classes.
Association of American Medical Colleges shared AAMC Med Student's post.
Association of American Medical Colleges
We're excited to answer your questions today at the 2017 Johns Hopkins Health Professions School Recruitment Fair happening in Levering Hall 11am-2pm. AAMC Pre-Med
Top 10 Tips for MCAT Examinees: What's Next? After Registration
Have you registered for your MCAT exam? 10 tips to help you prepare from now through your test day.
What comes next? You have registered for your MCAT Exam, but what do you need to do next? To help answer
AAMC Pre-Med
Collaboration Matters When Looking for Answers to Undiagnosed DiseasesA collaboration between Duke Health, Baylor College of Medicine, University of Rochester School of Medicine, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and other institutions led to the identification of a de novo change in medresearch
Medical Schools, Teaching Hospitals Partner with Community to Move...
New from AAMCNews, the AAMC is developing a new project, funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, which will help improve coordination between academic medical centers, medical schools, and community health centers in an effort to improve health Association of American Medical Colleges
Raising the Bar: Helping Faculty Advance Learning with MedEdPORTAL
Are you a healthcare educator who is interested in using the MedEdPORTAL? Dr. Grace Huang, Editor in Chief of MedEdPORTAL, explains the advantages of using the publication as a training tool for the next generation of physicians and health professionals: Association of American Medical Colleges
Retraining the Brain to See After Stroke

Researchers from the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC), in a new study in Neurology, outlined their method for aiding patients who went partially blind after suffering a stroke to regain large swaths of
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Comments Youssef Mikhael Hi, when will you launch the new MSAR for 2018 cycle? The application opens May 1st and we're still with AAMC Pre-Med
Researchers Find Way to View Genes in Living Cells Researchers with the University of Virginia (UVA) Health System have developed a technique to watch the movement of genes inside living cells, even in single cells, in real time. This will allow medresearch
Dear Donald Trump, Please Stop Threatening My Only Chance at a Healthy...
In this op-ed, Teen Vogue editor Kaleigh Fasanella explores how Donald Trump's proposed budget cuts to medical research would impact her personally as someone living with a rare genetic skin condition, in addition to the detrimental affects it would have Association of American Medical Colleges
Program sets stage for unconscious bias training
There are many ways unconscious bias can impact medicine, from medical school through practice. To counter the negative affect unconscious bias has on diversity, institutions are developing programs to help train health professionals in understanding how bias develops and how Association of American Medical Colleges
Raising the Bar: Helping Faculty Advance Learning with MedEdPORTAL
This week at AAMCNews, Dr. Grace Huang, Hospitalist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Editor in Chief of MedEdPORTAL offers her Viewpoint on how MedEdPORTAL can be used to help educators train medical students and other health professionals:
Association of American Medical Colleges
Scientific Inquiry & Reasoning Skills - General Mathematical Concepts...
When you take your MCAT exam, you won't be given a calculator! Learn about the type of math you'll need for test day. Reminder, there's no calculus!
It’s important for you to know that questions on the natural, behavioral, and
Comments Kyle James Snook Whaaa? What about the physics and Chem? You need calculators for even elementary physics/Chem...Erica Seltz I just cried a little bit AAMC Pre-Med
Weather-forecast Tool Adapted to Evaluate Brain Health of Oxygen-deprived Newborns UT Southwestern Medical Center pediatric researchers have harnessed wavelet analysis technology, an analytical tool used to predict long-term weather patterns such as El Nino, to evaluate the effectiveness of therapies to medresearch
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It’s National Minority Health Month — and we support diversity in medicine. Tag your friends if you do, too. #NMHM AAMC Pre-Med
Timeline Photos
It’s National Minority Health Month — and we support diversity in medicine. Tag your friends if you do, too. #NMHM Comments Tina Shelton We at the University of Hawaii Burns School are proud to be a most diverse medical school--
Maria Alejandra Rodriguez Maverick Red Yes, all the way!!!!Tomislav Danijel Osmancevic Amar
Association of American Medical Colleges
Academic Medicine Podcast by Academic Medicine on Apple Podcasts
“To be a woman’s physician is to know her story and to remind her that she is the protagonist of her own narrative.”
Medical student Jessica Prescott recounts the importance of encouraging women patients, often the primary caregivers in their
Association of American Medical Colleges
First Live-attenuated Vaccine Candidate Completely Protects Against Zika InfectionResearchers at

The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (UTMB) and Instituto Evandro Chagas at the Ministry of Health in Brazil, have tested the first live-attenuated Zika vaccine still in the development
Turning Skin Cells Into Blood Vessel Cells While Keeping Them YoungResearchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago have identified a molecular switch that converts skin cells into cells that make up blood vessels, which could ultimately be used to medresearch
Financial Math May Help Build a Better HIV VaccineAccording to University of Iowa (UI) Carver College of Medicine researchers, concepts from

particle diffusion in liquids and stock price prediction can be applied to predict the evolution of HIV surface proteins, information that
Anti-alcohol Program Could Make Fighting HIV Cheaper

According to researchers at Brown University, scaling up an anti-alcohol program to combat HIV in Kenya could make that effort cheaper, say researchers.Alcohol may be a factor in more than 13 percent of
Drug-testing Device has a Vagina, Cervix, and Uterus

Scientists at

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine have built a miniature female reproductive tract using human tissue that they want to use to screen new drugs for women.The ultimate goal is

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