Prepare, Apply & Get In

Use this general guide to help prepare for the medical school application and admission process. Be sure to talk to your pre-health advisor to create a schedule that works best for you. You can also download a copy of the timeline here.

College Year One
Summer Following College Year One
College Year Two
Summer Following College Year Two
College Year Three
Summer Following College Year Three
College Year Four
  • You should be regularly consulting with your pre-health advisor to:

o Discuss letters of recommendation and committee premedical evaluation (if available).
o Review your medical education options, such as a post baccalaureate premedical program.
o Discuss the status of your applications and the admission process for schools to which you’ve applied.

  • Continue with your meaningful clinical experiences, other medically related activities, volunteer work, research and/or leadership experiences.
  • When you’re prepared and ready, if you have not previously taken the MCAT exam or want to retake the exam, sign up to take the MCAT exam in the spring.
  • Become familiar with Application and Acceptance Protocols – Admission Officers.
  • Become familiar with Application and Acceptance Protocols – Applicants.
  • If applying for enrollment immediately following senior year:
    o Complete supplementary application materials for schools to which you’ve applied.
    o Prepare for your interviews and campus visits at medical schools.
    o Receive acceptances!
    o Make interim and final decisions about your medical school choice.
    o Notify medical schools that you will not be attending on or before the deadline given.
    o Ensure that all IRS and financial aid forms are completed and submitted as early as possible.
  • Complete degree requirements and graduate.
Summer Following Graduation
Gap/Bridge Years
Once Accepted Into Medical School

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